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toile blockage

Toilets are among the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in a home. This also means a clogged toilet can lead to a significant amount of frustration and it can be extremely difficult to clean up. Understanding why toilets back up will go a long way in preventing future blockages. These are the 5 common reasons for toilet blockages:

Common reasons for toilet blockages

#1 Low-flow toilets

Most old model low flow toilets lack the required pressure to clear the traps and drains, resulting in frequent toilet clogs. Check the back of the toilets for a manufacture date. If the fixture has been manufactured in the mid-1990s, it’s likely you have a first-generation, low-flow fixture. But don’t rush out to get a replacement. You can easily reduce clogging in your low-flow toilet by avoiding various clog-prone items and toilet paper use.

#2 You’ve flushed non-flushable products

Toilets are specifically-designed to dispose of certain types of materials. Flushing items such as wet wipes, floss, cotton balls or feminine sanitary products can result in blockages and cause frequent backups. It’s important that you speak with your family members about what you can safely flush and what you can’t. If you have younger kids in the house, stick a list of non-flushable items very close to the toilets in your home. Placing a dustbin in all the bathrooms will make disposing of these difficult-to-flush items easier.

#3 Clogged traps

Traps are curved pipes that sit below the toilets and keep the sewer gasses from entering the indoor spaces of your home. Paper towels, toilet paper and a range of other non-flushable products can easily block the traps causing backed-up toilets. Using a plunger should quickly loosen any blockage & remove these clogs. Keeping hard-to-flush items out of the toilets and limiting toilet paper use should keep the traps clear.

#4 Blocks in plumbing vents

Modern toilets systems have roof vents to funnel in fresh air into the plumbing system, boosting the flushing pressure. Over time, blockages can form in roof vents due to animal nests, sticks and leaves. Blocked toilet vents will affect the flushing pressure and result in regular clogs. It’s a good idea to hire a professional plumber to clear these vents. Blockages can be very difficult to spot and will need specific tools to remove.

#5 Sewer line problems

Regular toilet clogs in multiple drains and toilets are generally a sign of a sewer line blockage. A build-up of non-flushable items, waste material, and toilet paper cause these blockages. Sometimes, tree roots can also infiltrate your sewer drain letting in blockage-causing debris and sediments. Sewer line issues can cause severe problems in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home and even affect your family’s health. If you find yourself dealing with sewer-related problems regularly, call the professionals at CPC Plumbing.

Expert toilet unclogging and drain block removal services

We offer trenchless drain pipe repair solutions that are quick, effective and long-lasting. If you have noticed water backups or clogging in the toilets in your home, contact us without delay. It is best to tackle these problems as soon as you notice them, to prevent more severe, disruptive and expensive-to-fix issues in the future. We provide the best services using top quality products and workmanship, assuring long-lasting results.

CPC Plumbing responds quickly and fix all types of drain and other plumbing services, which provides our clients value for money. You can call us on 0413 131 216 or use this online form to send queries and service requests and we will revert within a short time.

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