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plumbing system maintenance for the spring

With the winter behind us and the season of sunshine, warmth and flowers upon us, many of us now finally have the time to embark upon that much-deferred spring clean and basic home maintenance projects. And plumbing should be high up on this to-do list. Even as you start rearranging furniture, clear out wardrobes and de-clutter cupboards, you should make it a point to conduct thorough checks on all your plumbing installations.

Plumbing maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid more severe problems down the line. If you notice something out of the ordinary or find there are some niggling problems with the plumbing fixtures and fittings, you can always call in your local, licensed plumber to inspect the systems and get the problems fixed without delay. Here are some plumbing system maintenance tips to follow for the spring.

Some tips to follow

#1 Check your faucets for leaks

It’s never a good thing to have leaking faucets. Not only do they waste water & money, but can also metamorphose into more complex problems if they aren’t fixed in time. The best way to check if you have any leakages in your house is to check the reading on your water meter just before retiring to bed and then once again after you wake up in the morning. If the numbers have moved during the night even when there has been no major water usage on your property, it’s very likely you have a leak.

#2 The age of your hot water system

While spring is about much warmer temperatures, the hot water system has probably worked quite hard during the winter months. Even water heaters of the best brands need replacement after 10 years. If you have a larger system (160 litres), that would have to be replaced only after 15 years. The date of manufacture on electric water heaters will be mentioned on the compliance stamp located on the top ring of the system. In a gas heater, the manufacture date may either be at that same spot or in the removable relighting panel.

#3 Check all the hoses on large appliances in your home

This is something you can’t afford to miss adding your to-do list. Conduct a thorough check of all the large appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine, clothes drier etc. All if these appliances consume a significant amount of water and you need to make sure they are functioning well and that there are no leaks, crack or holes in the water hoses.

#4 Clear the gutters and downpipes

Dried leaves and branches accumulate in the gutters and downpipes causing them to become blocked. Take advantage of the good weather to clear the gutters and downpipes of all the debris and leaves. This will help prevent blockages and damage to your home.

#5 Check all outdoor plumbing lines and taps

In the summertime, you will end up using your garden hoses more often and now is the perfect time to check whether your outdoor taps are functioning well and that there are no leaks in the pipes.

These plumbing installation checks should be conducted each season. Detecting problems early is one of the best ways to avoid time-consuming, troublesome and expensive repairs down the line.

We at CPC Plumbing can handle all types of plumbing jobs including tree root removal from sewer pipe, and we offer excellent maintenance and repair solutions. We use top quality materials and workmanship, which provides you value for money. You can call us on 0413 131 216 or use this online form to send queries and service requests and we will revert within a short time.

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