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tree roots clogging drains

Tree roots clogging sewer drain are quite a common problem and one that can be very frustrating to deal with and expensive to fix. There are times when the underground sewer drains that run through your yard develop minute fissures and cracks. These could be caused by deterioration in the pipe’s material or due to the earth’s natural movements.

If this problem doesn’t come to light (and in most instances, it doesn’t) roots of trees growing in your yard can make their way into the drains through these fissures. They thrive on the nutrients and water in the pipe and begin to grow at a rapid pace. Before long they form a net of sorts in which food particles and other waste materials become caught which creates a stubborn clog within the drain. Most people aren’t aware that this is quite a common plumbing problem and are surprised when told on inspection of the drain that it’s been clogged with tree roots. Here are some signs that tree roots are clogging your drains.

Roots in sewer lines – signs to look out for

  • One of the commonest signs is of roots in your drains is that the toilets in your house stop up every now and then; you may find yourself using the plunger just too often to clear these clogs. While this isn’t a sure-shot indication of a root clog problem, it could be one of the first symptoms you notice.
  • If you have low-flush, water-efficient toilets in your house, these occasional stoppages may occur and are nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you notice this occurring with increasing frequency, it’s an indication that you need to keep an eye on the condition of the drain.
  • If you find yourself dealing with toilet stoppages too often and notice that a plunger is ineffective in clearing the stoppage it’s very likely that you are dealing with a tree root problem.
  • Keep in mind that occasional stubborn blockages aren’t necessarily an indication of tree roots in the drain. But you need to look out for worsening or recurring problems.

Some basic checks to conduct

Localised drain problems are another indication of root growth in drains and it isn’t difficult to diagnose this. When the toilet stops up you first need to ensure that all the other toilets and drains are functioning well. If you find sewer water backing up into the shower and bathtubs and other fixtures have also become stopped up, then you are dealing with a main line stoppage and tree roots aren’t causing the problem. You’d have to get the main line stoppage cleared.

However, if you find that only one toilet has been impacted by the stoppage, you have cause to worry as it’s highly likely that tree roots are the culprit. Tree root blockages aren’t something a novice can or should try to handle and its best to call in a professional, licensed plumber for the job.

Tree root removal process

We at CPC Plumbing use the latest technology in our work and can clear all manner of tree root blockages in your drains. We will first identify what is causing the block and use a CCTV drain camera in this work. The camera sends a live feed to the display monitor above the ground which gives us a very clear visual of what is causing the block.

If tree roots are found in the drain, we will use special root-cutting and water-jetting machines to clear the roots. We will then inspect the drain again to identify the level of damage the drain line has suffered and may recommend pipe-relining to fix the problem.

We at CPC Plumbing respond quickly and fix all types of drain and other, which provides our clients value for money. You can call us on 0413 131 216 or use this online form to send queries and service requests and we will revert within a short time.

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