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thermal imaging

Most people are aware about the concept of thermal imaging and that it’s used in building inspections, but very few are aware that it can also be used in plumbing systems on residential and commercial properties.

Thermal imaging in plumbing

In this technique heat given off by objects are used to produce images of them or to locate them. Thermal imaging is done with the use of a camera that measures infrared radiation or variations in heat and that heat is represented in the form of various colours in the images seen on the camera display. This technique is used not just by building inspectors, but by professionals in the law enforcement, medical, electrical and plumbing fields as well.

Where it can be used

Almost 95% of plumbing installations on your property are neatly tucked away under the slab level or within walls and under floors or even in ceiling voids. While this helps a great deal in maintaining the aesthetics of the property, it’s not such a great thing in case any pipe installation bursts or begins to leak. This is why thermal imaging becomes a very useful tool for plumbers as it is used to:

  • Locate concealed leakages.
  • Spot the exact point where repairs would be required.
  • Survey the water damage that isn’t easily visible by recording the temperature differences in a specific area. The temperature of a wet spot will be different from that of a dry one.
  • Inspect pipes that carry water from the mains to your property and the outdoor areas of it.
  • Inspect drains carrying waste water away from your home or commercial building.

Understanding why you need thermal imaging

Thermal imaging can prove to be extremely useful to residential and commercial property owners as well as building managers. As mentioned at the outset, it’s widely used in pre-purchase building inspections to detect leakages in:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Under floorboards
  • Behind splashbacks in the kitchen
  • Within a concrete foundation
  • Under the bath or shower base in bathrooms
  • Anyplace where there is a water connection in your home

Why early detection of water leaks is important

It doesn’t take long for an undetected leak to lead to mildew and mould growth. The water impacts timber supports and features and causes them to rot and it damages plasterboard, carpeting, floorboards, cabinets and concrete slabs. It is strongly recommended that you should pay prompt attention to suspected leaks as this will help keep repair costs in check.

Thermal imaging cameras also make it easier to find hidden drains, pipes and other connections within the floors and walls. You don’t have to remove large portions of tiling and walls to locate the pipes and this proved to be a boon in older structures where there may be no accurate plans available of the plumbing work that has been conducted in the past on that property.

Many well-established plumbing companies use thermal imaging to conduct thorough inspections of the plumbing systems on their clients’ properties to identify whether there are any potential trouble spots that would otherwise go unnoticed till the damage became widespread. It’s always a good idea to carry out thermal imaging plumbing inspections as part of your pre-purchase checks when you are considering buying any property. This helps ensure that the concealed systems are seamless and sound.

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