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notice of work

You might hear this term – ‘Notice of Work’ used with reference to plumbing jobs in Sydney. While this has a very serious note to it, it’s the way the local regulatory bodies make sure that all the plumbing work is in line with the relevant Australian and state standards. These processes ensure your plumbing systems function as they should. It means the systems need to move, clean fresh water into your property and allow wastewater to be removed efficiently.

Understanding what a notice of work (NoW) is

A NoW is essentially the form that identifies which plumbing work is to be completed and details of the licensed plumbers carrying out that work. Your plumber needs to complete and submit the NoW before the work begins. If you plan to undertake any drainage or plumbing work on-site, you need to notify either NSW Fair Trading (or the relevant delegated authority), giving them the opportunity to inspect all the work in order to ensure it’s in line with the required standards.

The requirements

NSW Fair Trading is the authority where either Hunter Water or Sydney Water corporations operate sewage and/or water services. As per the existing rules and regulations:

  • All drainage & plumbing work undertaken in New South Wales needs to be handled by a licensed plumber.
  • The NoW has to be completed by a professional, licensed plumber undertaking the job on your behalf;
  • If your drainage & plumbing work meets the set standards you will be given a certificate of compliance.

This process certifies that the drainage & plumbing work meets the required standards

Types of works which require a NoW

With reference to this particular notification, drainage & plumbing work includes the alteration, construction, or maintenance of any drainage or plumbing infrastructure (such as fittings, pipes, etc.) up to the point where the infrastructure connects to a water tank or public water supply/ sewage management system or public sewerage network.

The types of drainage & plumbing works aren’t required to be inspected under the NoW process includes:

  • Emergency plumbing work
  • Minor plumbing work – replacing faucets and taps or other similar fixtures

Certificate of compliance

The plumber also needs to apply for audit inspections from NSW Fair Trading in order that the work is checked once it is complete. The plumber will issue you a copy of the certificate of compliance and will keep one copy for themselves. Your licensed plumber will automatically carry out all the NoW and certificate of compliance-related processes, as they know these systems inside out.

Hire the expert licensed plumbers

When you hire CPC Plumbing, you can rest assured that the work will be completed in line with the local regulations and requirements. Our expert and licensed plumbers know exactly which works require a NoW and which don’t. We also unfalteringly provide a certificate of compliance once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

We are one of the front-running companies in this space and have the skill, experience, and ability to handle all types of plumbing and drainage jobs expertly. We use the best quality plumbing products in the work and only licensed and experienced plumbers handle the job. While we never compromise on the quality of work, you will find that we maintain very reasonable pricing.

CPC Plumbing responds quickly and fix all types of drain and other plumbing services, which provides our clients value for money. You can call us on 0413 131 216 or use this online form to send queries and service requests and we will revert within a short time.

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