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drain snake

Drain blocks are quite a common plumbing problem and many DIY enthusiasts try to fix these themselves. While using a plunger does help in removing minor clogs, more severe blockages need different clearing techniques; this is where a drain snake comes into the picture and it’s quite a handy tool to have around the house. When you start looking for a drain snake, you will find there are different types and sizes available; using the incorrect size or type of snake for the wrong application will only end up causing damage to the fixture, yourself or the tool.

All plumbing features are different and it’s why we make mention of the different types of drains snakes available and which application they can be used in. Even when you are renting a snake, make it a point to tell the company what application it’s going to be used in so they will advise you one which one would work best in that situation.

#1 Snaking a toilet

Toilet stoppages are probably some of the most common problem people have to deal with. If the block is in the drain very close to the toilet or within the toilet itself, you can use an auger to clear it. This tool can easily be pushed right up to the throat of the toilet to clear blockages in that area.

#2 Snaking a tub

Showers and tubs are always snaked through their overflows. If there is a blockage in the tub, the very first thing you need to do is to ensure no hair is collected in the tub drain’s cross-hairs. You may have to remove the stopper to reach the cross-hairs. If nothing is blocking the cross-hairs, the stoppage maybe somewhere down the drain; you can then drain the tub through its overflow. Use a 1/4″ to 5/16″ thick cable in the snake while clearing tubs.

#3 Snaking a shower

If the shower drain is straight (without any bends), it would generally have a 2″ drain running straight down into its trap just underneath the shower. While this drain is bigger than the one in a tub, it’s best to use a 1/4″ to 5/16″ cable in the snake to clear this stoppage. A shower stoppage is typically caused by a build-up of soap scum & hair and gets cleared pretty easily in most instances.

#4 Snaking a washing machine

Most drain lines connected to washing machines have a clean-out very close to the machine; you can use this to run the drain snake into that line and clear the clog. In case and stoppage is in the standpipe or trap, a top snake can be used in the job. However, if the blockage is somewhere down the drain you would have to use a much larger snake at the clean-out.

Many washing machine drain lines have a clean-out near the washing machine that can be used to run the snake into the line and clear it out. If the stoppage is close by like in the trap or standpipe then a small top snake can be used.

#5 Snaking a kitchen drain

These drains generally have a clean-out on the exterior wall and in most cases, can be snaked from there. A medium drain machine or a mini-rooter can easily go up to a distance of 75 feet and is effective in clearing most drain clogs. If the clog is somewhere before the clean-out, you may have to disconnect the elbow trap underneath the sink and then snake out your drain from there.

While you can try to clear minor drain blocks yourself, it’s best to hire professionals like us to clean more severe drain blocks that surface on your property. We at CPC Plumbing respond quickly and fix all types of drain and other, which provides our clients value for money. You can call us on 0413 131 216 or use this online form to send queries and service requests and we will revert within a short time.

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